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The World's Leading Original Equipment and Design Manufacturer of Communication Antenna Our comprehensive range of antenna systems includes Satellite TV, VSAT, WISP, and Vast mounting bracket solutions. JONSA, since 1989, is a leading global provider of stabilized satellite antenna manufacturer. Built upon our patented RF, design structural oriented, stabilization and upstream and downstream process integrations of manufacturing, our products support a wide range of industries, including Commercial, Offshore/oceanic environment, Defense, disaster rescued area & weather data analysis and so on. Whether delivering goods across oceans, exploring location in remote regions, or simply enjoying the TV contents, the need for reliable connectivity is ever-present and always increasing. JONSA was founded on the premise that making remote connectivity simple could increase profitability for enterprises and improve lives for all. Our mission is to apply our efforts and focus in flexible ways that meet the needs of our customers and solve fundamental market problems. JONSA is a company built on better ideas In an industry traditionally dominated by conventional thought and established methodologies, the JONSA team approaches connectivity challenges with a refreshingly user-focused perspective. We build antennas at the core of JONSA, however, rely on a deep focus and passion for creating new ways to connect and inspire people. Quality policy Satisfy customers and create win-win situation. [ Environmental security policy ] Responsible for environmental protection and occupational health and safety management of all employees. In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility, the company is responsible for equipment manufacturers and customers In addition to the health regulations, we will do our best to meet the requirements of the environmental safety management system and make the following commitments in the management of environmental safety and health : All staff and the implementation of the environmental safety management system Comply with the requirements of the laws and regulations of the environmental security Occupational safety and health hazard identification prevention risk control Workplace to ensure health and safety management Implementing environmental safety and control operations to zero accidents Continuously improve pollution prevention and safety performance OEM/ODM Design Capabilities The most successful OEM/ODM solutions start with a partner who understands your industry and applications. We have the best solution for you More than 30 years of combined OEM/ODM experience. Product technologies required to build the best solutions. Industry leaders in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of satellite antenna. We provide thousands of quality products for DTH, commercial and industrial applications worldwide. Comprehensive Product Development Services Concept By working with you to understand your performance and cost requirements, we can develop a complete product specification. When you require a product that is unique or different from our countless standard options, we can help you through our OEM services. Design Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems, analysis tools and performance modeling, we develop an innovative solution for your specified performance criteria. Even if you need a specific feature from one of our products to meet your system requirements, we can create a product to meet your needs. Engineering After design completion, we identify and fabricate major components, and then transfer the design concept to our rapid prototype development area. Testing The prototype is tested under actual conditions in accordance with the requirements of regulatory compliance organizations. Services Our partnership with you doesn't end with the sale. We are available for after-sales support, quality assurance audits and other requested services to ensure you are completely satisfied with the product. .inside-content { padding: 50px 0; }




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