The integrated production ability is not only provide safety、hi-efficiency technology platform, but also to support work team to rapid access the production system and stabilize the process as well as the precision of machining through completed information with cooperation of different department. It is to meet the automation, a variety of production process, hi-precision processing requirements. And provide reduce production cost, upgrade production function to customer for further competition.
• Structure development engineering.
• Components assembly study.
• Reverse engineering.
• Mass production resource integration.
JONSA is committed to being the preferred global supplier for research, development, and manufacturing in satellite antenna and high technology with over 30 years of extensive experience supplying high-quality products. We maintain outstanding Quality Management Systems and adhere to the requirements of ISO 9001/14001 and for our Production Facilities.We utilizing synergetic sourcing to create competitions, which rely on Taiwan factory, the production capacity can be accumulated as of exceeded 2,000,000 sets per month.