• WISP Antenna Solutions

WISP Antenna Solutions

* Compatible up to 5.8 GHz.
* Extended transmitted distance of up to 16Km.
* Up to 10 Mbps connectivity via Access Point delivery.
* Maximum 500mW wireless power.
* Manageable software interface tool.
* Using professionally designed software and precisely engineered reflectors with CAD/CAM for processing.
* Exceptional wind load resistance with strong dish supporting structure.
* Antenna are recommended to be manufactured for galvanized steel and finished with a powder coating for superior corrosion resistance.
* All hardware accessories are recommended to have JS anti-corrosion finish for a longer life Span.
* Adjustable EL/AZ mounting bracket to suit various sizes of mounting poles.
* Designed for a simple and stress-free installation.
* Custom design on product and packaging available.
※ Technical Specification for WISP Antenna
Item & Spec. WISP 35 WISP 45
Effective Physical Size (cm) 35(W) x 38.5(H) 45(W) x 49.5(H)
Reflector Gain @ 5.8 GHz 22 dB 24.5dB
Elevation -30˚~30˚ -30˚~30˚
Acceptable Pole Diameter (mm) 32~42 32~42